About Summerset Products

SummerSet Products is a leader in organic based natural herbicides and organic based natural insect repellent for Orchards, Gardens, and Lawns.  We can provide the results necessary to meet the needs of today’s environmentally conscious farmers, homeowners and professional groundskeepers.

We have been in the Organic Herbicide market since 1997 with our first product AllDown Green Chemistry Herbicide.  Since then we have formulated the same great product into a concentrated formula, Summerset AllDown Concentrate and attained our OMRI ( Organic Materials Review Institute ) certification.

Our natural insect repellent AllGuard Orchard & Garden Spray is a highly concentrated product used in Orchards, Gardens, and Lawns and keeps insects away from your fruits and vegetables and away from your yard.  AllGuard is a garlic based product that acts as a natural repellent or deterrent towards insects.  It is proven effective on almost all bugs and is highly effective against Mosquitos and Ticks.  This has become a very popular product due to the increasing cases of Encephalitis and Lyme Disease across the country.

We have the technical skill and product expertise required to develop, produce and support natural and organic products.

Our Mission

It is our passion, mission, and obligation to provide the best natural and organic products for environmentally compatible agriculture, turf and landscapes. SummerSet® is committed to helping protect our environment from production through final use of its product and servicing our customers in a timely fashion.

In short, we aim to provide better altrenatives to toxic plant control products while aiming to keep your family and the earth safer.

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