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Lyme Disease in Minnesota is On the Rise

Rid a Tick removal system

Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease: Information and Precautions

In the past five years the state has averaged more than 1,200 reported cases a year, up from fewer than 300 two decades ago. Multiple factors have caused the increase, including warmer winters that allow ticks to stay out longer; habitat changes that allow ticks to flourish; and an increase of host populations, such as deer and mice. read more →

Lyme Disease in All 50 States

Lyme Map All 50 States

A report finds that Lyme disease has now spread to all 50 states.

This was reported on CBS new in August of 2018 and in the American Hunter in October of 2018. Lyme disease has predominantly been in the North East where in 2017 New England saw a 50% increase over 2015. Pennsylvania saw a 78% increase in occurrence in 2017 compared to 2015. Even Florida and California where Lyme disease has been quite less showed 77% and 194% increase in 2017 vs 2015. Lyme disease is increasing across the entire United States.

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