Glyphosate Food Contamination: What You Need to Know

Do you know what is in your food?  If glyphosate had to be listed as an ingredient on nutrition labels, it would be listed above vitamins D and B12 on Honey Nut Cheerios®. Last year an Environmental Working Group tested 28 Cheerios and Quaker® Oats Products for Round Up (Glyphosate) contamination. All were contaminated.

Farming with Glyphosate: Farm Practices

People really need to understand that Farmers can spray Round Up® on their wheat and oat crops up to 10 days before it is harvested to dry the crop out. Just think of it.  You can spray poison on your wheat and oats 10 days before it is harvested and the reason they do this is, so the crop can be combined while it is standing up. It dries out the crop consistently throughout the whole field. Then the farmers do not have to deal with the moisture content of the crop.

Once it is harvested it goes straight to the mills and food processors and made into all food products we consume like Cheerios® our bread, etc. Can you see how poison sprayed 10 days up to harvest goes right into the food you eat?

A Study: Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other lymphomas

A French study found people who consume the most Organic Food were 25% less likely to develop cancer including Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other lymphomas and postmenopausal breast cancer.

An Alternative: Organic Herbicide

An alternative to glyphosate is Summerset AllDown Organic Herbicide. SummerSet AllDown Organic Herbicide Concentrate is an organic non-selective Broadleaf and grass weed killer.  This special blend of synergistic components is OMRI certified environmentally-conscious and is approved for use in organic production. Unlike other non-organic herbicides, AllDown® contains no harsh chemicals and will not contaminate ground water or water supplies. It will also not persist in the soil, be harmful to animals or build up harmful residues. No other product comes close in terms of features and ease of use. Many organic farmers and households use this Organic alternative to kill their weeds and grasses.

For more information on the studies of Glyphosate in our foods look at the link below:

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