Three Factors That Determine Your Risk for Lyme Disease

I was reading a reading an NPR article yesterday on Ticks and Lyme Disease: 3 Factors Determine your risk of infection. Of all the different ticks out there and all the new diseases they are discovering from tick bites of which Lyme disease is the major one, there are only 2 ticks that transmit Lyme disease.  They are the blacklegged tick or deer tick and the Western Blacklegged tick. The blacklegged tick is found throughout the US east of the Rocky Mountains and the Western Blacklegged tick is found west of the Rockies.

One of the main factors is early detection of the tick, since Lyme transmission can be prevented if tick is removed within 24 hours.  The Rid-a-tick patch can help with this.  The Rid-a-tick medical patch ensures the full removal of the ticks head from its host, person or pet.  The patch suffocates the tick and it has to pull its head out before it suffocates and then it is stuck to the patch for easy disposal or can be put is a zip lock bag or container to be sent off to see if it carries Lyme.  Read more on the other factors on the attached link.

Read NPR Article: Ticks And Lyme Disease: 3 Factors Determine Risk Of Infection