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Organic Herbicide is a Safe Alternative for Your Garden

13,400 is the number of state and national lawsuits pending against Roundup® the weed and grass killer By Monsanto. Most of these lawsuits are from people that have a form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Many of these people sprayed Roundup for their jobs and often wore shorts and t-shirts while doing so, not thinking that the product posed a health risk. The lawsuits don’t just allege the weed killer caused cancer, but that Monsanto concealed and misrepresented information to regulators and consumers about the product’s safety.

Roundup is the world’s most widely used herbicide by gardeners and farmers. Farmers can spray their corn and soybeans with the toxic week killer and kill all the weeds but not the crops because the seeds are genetically modified with Roundup in the germ of the seed. Result, the corn and soybeans live while everything else dies. And then we get to eat Roundup ready corn and soybeans in most things we eat.

If you are looking for an alternative to killing your weeds and unwanted grass, and you prefer a safe and environmentally and friendly way, use Summerset AllDown® Organic Herbicide.

 SummerSet AllDown Organic Herbicide Concentrate is an organic non selective Broadleaf and grass weed killer. This special blend of synergistic components is OMRI certified, environmentally-conscious and is approved for use in organic production. Unlike other non-organic herbicides, AllDown contains no harsh chemicals and will not contaminate ground water or water supplies. It will also not persist in the soil, be harmful to animals or build up harmful residues. No other product comes close in terms of features and ease of use. Many organic farmers and households use this organic alternative to kill their weeds and grasses.

AllDown Organic Herbicide

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