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Roger Raglin Maniac 150 Deer Scent


Maniac 150 Deer Scent

Roger Raglin’s Ultimate in Buck Tracking

This is 100% Pure Doe-Urine with Interdigital Gland, the ultimate dominant buck tracking scent. Roger has been using this Maniac 150 for almost 30 years and it has proven results.

In 1992 Roger Raglin killed five whitetail bucks over 150 B&C point and this maniac 150 helped him accomplish that way back then and every year since! This is the best tool he has to attract and shoot big bucks.

Deer Scent Instructions for Use:

Approximately 300 yards from your stand, apply ample amount to a rag in order to create a scent trail. Re-apply more scent to your rag and leave it in an open shooting lane near your stand and get ready for action! You can use this product all deer season long and it can attract does too.


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Lyme Disease: Determine Your Risk


Three Factors That Determine Your Risk for Lyme Disease

I was reading a reading an NPR article yesterday on Ticks and Lyme Disease: 3 Factors Determine your risk of infection. Of all the different ticks out there and all the new diseases they are discovering from tick bites of which Lyme disease is the major one, there are only 2 ticks that transmit Lyme disease.  They are the blacklegged tick or deer tick and the Western Blacklegged tick. The blacklegged tick is found throughout the US east of the Rocky Mountains and the Western Blacklegged tick is found west of the Rockies.

One of the main factors is early detection of the tick, since Lyme transmission can be prevented if tick is removed within 24 hours.  The Rid-a-tick patch can help with this.  The Rid-a-tick medical patch ensures the full removal of the ticks head from its host, person or pet.  The patch suffocates the tick and it has to pull its head out before it suffocates and then it is stuck to the patch for easy disposal or can be put is a zip lock bag or container to be sent off to see if it carries Lyme.  Read more on the other factors on the attached link.

Read NPR Article: Ticks And Lyme Disease: 3 Factors Determine Risk Of Infection

The Danger of Lyme’s Disease


Lyme’s Disease & Tick Removal

Lyme’s disease and other disease from ticks are a big issue these days. Each year there are over 300,000 new cases of Lyme’s disease and the number is growing across the country. Precaution and awareness are big steps in helping prevent the many diseases from ticks.

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Organic Herbicide Solution: AllDown


Choosing an Organic Herbicide

SummerSet AllDown has an alternative Organic Grass and Weed Killer solution to the much used Toxic Roundup or Glyphosate used in agriculture and home use today.

Another Option: Organic

Our SummerSet AllDown is Organic Acetic and Citric acid that naturally burns down grass and broad leafs and there is no residue.  It is 100% safe to our food supply and your family and pets. SummerSet AllDown destroys the cell structure of the grass or weed and sucks out all the moisture and burns it down. It kills everything above ground and does it safely.

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City of Seaside Oregon


Good News on Fall Treatments

The City of Seaside Oregon was having problems with blackberries in their parks and promenades throughout the city. The plants grew tall and would scratch people and pets who were walking on the boardwalks. The city prefers not to use synthetic chemicals that harm the environment. Plants received an application of AllDown and a reduction of blackberry plants was noticed.

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