Lyme’s Disease & Tick Removal

Lyme’s disease and other disease from ticks are a big issue these days. Each year there are over 300,000 new cases of Lyme’s disease and the number is growing across the country. Precaution and awareness are big steps in helping prevent the many diseases from ticks.

June and July: Check for Ticks Regularly

June and July are two of the biggest months for ticks in the woods.  You should check yourself each time you come in from the woods or outdoor activities. Detecting and removing ticks early is the key.

Finding a Tick: The Simple Solution

The Rid-A-Tick 3M medical patch helps remove ticks easily and effectively, ensuring the head of the tick is fully removed.

How The Rid-A-Tick Patch Works: you adhere the patch to the tick and the patch suffocates the tick. Once the tick is embedded, it breathes through its exterior part of his body, so the patch suffocates the tick and they pull their head out. Timing may vary from 5 to 30 minutes depending how deeply the tick is embedded. Once the tick is out, you can keep the tick or dispose of it. Keeping the tick for at least a month is recommended, so it can be provided to medical professionals if you experience any symptoms.


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For More Information

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