Top 7 Reasons to use SummerSet AllDown Organic Herbicide

Being Environmentally Responsible is just one of the Top 7 Reasons to use Summerset AllDown Organic Herbicide Weed and Grass Killer

If you are looking for an alternative to killing your weeds and unwanted grass, and prefer a safe and environmentally friendly way, use Summerset AllDown Organic Herbicide:

  1. All Natural – Food Grade Ingredients
  2. Environmentally Responsible – Pet, Bird and Bee Friendly
  3. Was the first to be approved for use around Certified Organic foods
  4. OMRI Certified – Certified Organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute
  5. Results within hours on your grass and weeds
  6. Will not harm earth worms or beneficial bacteria and fungi in soils
  7. Will not persist and build up harmful soil residues

SummerSet AllDown Organic Herbicide Concentrate is an organic non-selective broadleaf and grass

weed killer. This special blend of synergistic components is OMRI certified, environmentally-conscious and is approved for use in organic production. Unlike other non-organic herbicides, AllDown® contains no harsh chemicals and will not contaminate ground water or water supplies. It will also not persist in the soil, be harmful to animals or build up harmful residues.  No other product comes close in terms of features and ease of use.  Many organic farmers and households use this organic alternative to kill their weeds and grasses.